Voice Actor Website The Voice Realm Trumps Competitors as the Most Highly Rated Site for Voice Over Jobs

The Voice Realm, one of the world’s leading voice over casting websites has finished on top of a survey completed by over 150 voice actors this week. The casting site beat out competitors in regards to customer service, ease of use and the amount of voice over jobs being cast.

Robert James, The Voice Realm’s marketing manager was ecstatic about the results and proof that the site is winning the trust of professional voice actors, many who had recently become disheartened with websites that were charging in excess of $400 and then having voice talent bid against one another for work. “Our staff have worked so hard over the past few years, and this is the ultimate payoff. We get so many emails from voice talent telling us they are moving all their voice over work to our site, due to fast payments, fair voice over rates, and a great user experience.”


Some of the survey results included the following:


Which casting site brings you the most work?


The Voice Realm









Other sources



Which website is the most user friendly for the voice actor?


The Voice Realm












Which casting website have you had the best customer service with?


The Voice Realm












The results prove that The Voice Realm continues to remain one of the world’s most prestigious voice casting websites providing exceptional customer service. More than 84% of respondents indicated that they would remain with the site for the foreseeable future.

One of the negative results of the survey was that many voice actors fear that casting websites that allow voice talent to bid against each other for jobs is slowly eroding rates. The preference being given to a set rate card, something The Voice Realm has implemented since its launch in 2011.

Mr. James continued to explain that the site works closely with international advertising agencies and production companies to supply voice talent for everything from scratch tracks to international television campaigns. “We have lead the field with many forward thinking ways of bringing new clients to our actors, which we see others now trying to replicate. The voice actors are not stupid and see straight through other sites money hungry ways of upping the annual subscription fee and allowing anyone to join and start auditioning and undercutting established talent.”

Female Voice Over Artists like Mario Pendolino have nothing but praise for the connections she has made via the casting service. “Working with The Voice Realm over the last year has brought me some job opportunities that I don’t think I would have found on my own. I’ve had the chance to connect with clients all over the world and have even booked some jobs that I didn’t audition for! Having my profile on The Voice Realm gives ad agencies and other voice seekers the opportunity to listen to demos and choose a talent like me without even holding a casting. As a freelance voice talent, nothing is better than getting an e-mail saying that you’ve been booked for a job that you didn’t even know existed! My voice has been featured in web explainer videos, corporate narrations and radio commercials. My favorite job that I have booked so far is as the announcer for The New York Public Library’s weekly podcast series which is available on iTunes. I have the privilege of working with one of the largest and most respected institutions in New York City (my home!) and on a weekly basis get to introduce some of our generation’s greatest writers, actors and directors to the NYPL’s international podcast audience. All because of The Voice Realm.”

The Voice Realm is headquartered in New York City, and has staff located around the globe offering customer support right around the clock.

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Los Servicios De Doblaje o Locución En Línea Para Audiolibros Son Un Gran Negocio

Desde el lanzamiento del iPad, Kindle y otros lectores electrónicos, los libros han ganado una nueva generación de lectores usuarios leales. No sólo las editoriales comerciales han convertido  obras textuales en audiolibros, sino que los autores independientes también tienen ahora la capacidad de usar actores de doblaje profesionales para grabar sus historias en estudios de calidad.

Los autores independientes y actores de doblaje se han conectado a través del sitio web de The Voice Realm. El sitio cuenta con una nómina de talento vocal que ha sido cuidadosamente seleccionado y examinado con el fin de proporcionarles servicios confiables a los clientes.

Los libros electrónicos son un negocio en auge, y gracias a la Internet, los autores pueden ser sus propios editores, al eliminar la necesidad de tener un agente literario o incluso de trabajar con editoriales tradicionales.

El proceso para luego convertir esos textos electrónicos en libros de audio se ha simplificado, gracias a un proceso donde el trabajo de actores de doblaje profesionales cumple de manera autónoma las funciones de ingeniero de sonido, y de locución o doblaje.

El gerente de marketing de The Voice Realm, Robert James, dice que el autor tiene el control total sobre la selección de la mejor voz y de proveer dirección a ese talento. “Los costos administrativos se redujeron en más de tres cuartas partes, con el uso de nuestro sitio. Se elimina la necesidad de tener un director de casting, gerentes de talento, agentes, e ingenieros de sonido. El autor selecciona la voz, elige el plazo y tiene un control total sobre el sonido de la grabación.”

Desde que el sitio se lanzó en marzo de 2012, más de cincuenta grabaciones de forma corta y larga de voces en off para audiolibros han sido realizadas por actores de doblaje profesionales.

Los clientes tienen la seguridad de que las grabaciones serán de una calidad de sonido superior, igual que la de estudios de grabación caros, que cobran más de $200 por hora. Los micrófonos utilizados son idénticos a los de estos estudios también.

El sitio ahora ofrece la posibilidad para aquellos que buscan contratar a actores de voz o de doblaje,  de enviar un “Aviso o Llamado de casting’ gratis y recibir muestras de una pequeña parte del guión, y así el cliente recibe audiciones personalizadas para su escucha.

A diferencia de otros sitios de audición, las tarifas por uso de voz son claras y los derechos del audio pasan a ser propiedad del comprador. No se pagan derechos de autor o regalías.

The Voice Realm tiene sede en Nueva York, y destaca a actores y actrices estadounidenses, británicos o extranjeros, así como locutores profesionales de muchos países. Los castings, audiciones y reservaciones se pueden hacer durante todo el día, porque el sistema opera de forma autónoma.

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Professional Voicemail Greetings for Business Increases Sales

The voice, message, and music on a professional voice recording can be strategically aligned to strengthen a business’s brand.

The sound of your business is equally as important as its look.  Your logo, brand colors, business cards speak volumes about what your business is all about. So do the voice and music on your phone system. By keeping these consistent with what you’re trying to project, you can increase your ability to project your brand identity directly where customers experience it.

Online marketing may be hot right now, but customers still pick up the phone and call businesses. When you consider the cost associated with obtaining new customers and retaining them, shouldn’t this vital touch point be just as professional as your others? According to a recent survey of consumers, nearly 20% have made a purchase based on information they heard while on hold. When you consider that a single recorded message could drum up more business for you, it just doesn’t make sense to not leverage this quality time with your customer.

Callers instantly form an opinion about your business based upon your professional voicemail greeting. Is your greeting informative, professional sounding and consistent with your brand? If not, that negative impression could be sending callers right to your competition.

In a study conducted by US West, callers waited on hold three minutes longer when they heard information and music rather than silence.

The sound quality of professional voice recordings is dramatically better than messages recorded in-house.

Professionally mixed and mastered phone system recordings are optimized for the specifications of business phone systems. This means no background noise, garbled voices, or cut off messages.

Find a voice over talent that will continue to be available for future recordings.
Many business find the employee with the “best” voice to record their phone system recordings. But what happens when this person leaves the company? Using a professional provider of voice recordings means knowing that you’ll have access to the same talent for future needs.

Voice prompts that are professionally recorded significantly improve customer experience. Callers can easily get lost in a phone system that has difficult to understand voice prompts. Why subject a customer to this? By populating your phone system with clear, concise voice prompts that have been professionally recorded, you’ll ensure your customers are having the best possible experience when they call your business.

Professional voice recordings can include seasonal messages and music to enable a business to sound up-to-date and relevant.
A holiday message with seasonal music can let customers know that you’re current and on top of your game. Whether you’re providing information about summer hours or Christmas sales, a seasonal message can deliver an impactful statement to everyone who calls.

Business phone systems are more robust than ever. With features that were once only available to Fortune 500 corporations, advanced, cloud-based business phone systems are now readily available even to the solo entrepreneur. A powerful phone system’s features are best leveraged when they are supported by professional voice recordings. Just like you wouldn’t put low octane gas into a Ferrari, you don’t want to place poor quality voice recordings on an advanced phone system.

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Services to Expand Slowly for Job Market

The word new has been selected by the GSMA’s Voice over LTE (VoLTE) initiative to develop usage profiles / specifications and then conduct interoperability testing events for the voice over LTE profile, previously known as the One Voice profile. The GSMA’s initiative was set up to drive the global mobile industry towards a standard way of delivering voice and messaging services for LTE, and will provide more voiceover auditions and jobs online solutions for  text messaging for next generation mobile broadband networks.

IMTC said that the GSMA’s selection was based on the combination of IMTC’s IMS  work on defining the profile for VoLTE, and on IMTC’s experience and technical know how as an Interoperability testing organization.

“VoLTE is a leap forward in the areas of mobile VoIP and IMS. By ensuring that all current services migrate smoothly to LTE, the GSMA is ensuring an ecosystem that permits interoperability for operator deployments and connectivity. The IMTC is committed to effort required to achieve interoperability of all products provided by vendors to service provider operators,”  Chair of the AG and Project Director and Community Facilitator. The service is providing freelance voice actors with more jobs.

“We are delighted that we are working with the GSMA to move our VoTE initiative forward,” Phillip Growns said. “Creating the specifications for voice over LTE is one thing but having them tested by an independent body like the IMTC provides important validation of the technical work required to create these implementations. IMTC testing events validate the usability of each implementation. This is an important step on the road to deploying VoLTE and further demonstrates the intent of the mobile industry to adopt a single voice solution for LTE.”

The IC IMS AG has already conducted its first VoLTE Interoperability testing event in Stockholm, Sweden, February 2-4, 2014. The event was hosted by Ericsson. The event was successful and established initial level of interoperability of the VoLTE profile.

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Voice Auditions now being found online

We’re a professional service which offers top voice over actors who bring skill and experience in a whole range of voice over projects, so that no matter what you need voice actors for and what the specified requirements of your project are, you can always come to our service and get the specialized professional assistance that you need!

The voice over is a commonly required thing for many different projects and assignments, whether they are visual or audio, professional or academic, and they’re often difficult to get just right. The voice over often isn’t much of a concern until the end of the process. People often think that it won’t be particularly difficult and do a mediocre job on it, put it in the project, and see just how damaging and poorly this reflects on them.

For the best professional voice for phone message actors and the best experience, go with our service! We’re not just here to get you the best voice over actors with the most experience and skill, we’re here to make sure that this help is always easily accessible and available, and that you only ever have one place to go for the voice over voice actor help that you need!

The truth of the matter is that the voice over sets the tone and pace for the entire project no matter what it is, and if you’re going to take the time to do a voice over you may as well make sure that it’s as effective and high quality as possible.

However accomplishing this yourself is very difficult, simply because you’re likely not a voiceover actor and don’t have the specialized skills and experience required to do an effective job, but our professional voice over actor service does!

We offer anything from commercial voice over auditions to animation voice over actors, so you can always count on us to provide you with the professional expertise that you need!

We’re here to be your sole destination for all things voice over that you need, because we know how challenging dealing with a voice over can be, we know that you likely have other big priorities to deal with, and we want to provide you with the voice over actors to take that responsibility off your hands so you can focus on those other priorities!

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Getting Audiobook Recordings is now easier

We’ve seen countless articles on the importance of branding, marketing, how to increase your sales, and other very helpful business tips for small business owners. Your voicemail greeting – something that’s probably the LAST thing you think of when you’re developing your brand, but it is what most people have as the first impression of your business.  It’s an integral component to how clients perceive you professionally.

When was the last time you thought about what your clients hear when they call you.”  Are you answering the phone?  Is your administrative assistant?

What made you to use them?  Convenience, speed, cost, or accessibility?  If you’ve used any of those reasons, I’d like to introduce you to a new way to think about your brand.  Using a professional voiceover talent to record your voicemail greetings.

Yes, it seems like an extravagant expense to hire someone to record your voicemail greeting, (Not really, its pretty cheap!) but let me put this in a different light for a moment (and yes, I can see the edges of concern forming around your eyes and mouth already…).

Have you ever called anyone and been instantly turned off by the voice that greets you?  Has that influenced your decision, even a little, to work with them?  Why?  What are your initial impressions of the company?

Whether you want to admit it or not, your subconscious affects your decisions.  And listening plays a major roll in your decision-making process.  Does that voice sound professional?  Is it engaging and welcoming, or off-putting and less than optimal?  What kind of opinion does it create about the company you’re calling?  I know this seems harsh, but it’s a fact that listening does influence how people make decisions.

Imagine hearing granny on a voicemail. Odds are against you hearing her voice on a greeting, but think about your response to her.  Amusing, yes, but also challenging to listen to for long periods of time, unless you’re used to it.  Now, think about who’s greeting your customers objectively.  What is that voice saying about your company?

Another factor is what the greeting says.  Does it have an opening phrase, e.g., thank you for calling xyz company?  Do you have a company directory?  Audiobook recordings are another reason. Office hours?  Yes, these are seemingly very small, but they are important details.  A professionally written and recorded message will enhance your branding, and, as a side benefit, it make you sound bigger than you are, which is very important for entrepreneurs.

Details, no matter how small you think they may seem, all affect how others see your company.  Take a moment and consider the public face of your business.  If you think your clients hear what you want your company to be, you’re all set.  If not, consider using a professional voice talent.  We’re very nice, more affordable than you think, and do a great job!

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Turning Everything Around the Correct Way Can Save Time

It is not just commercials on television and radio that want stars to see information off-camera. There are a multitude of methods to use speech to coach, inform, guide, entertain, and, obviously, offer. Browsing the webs certainly provides aids you can tell your father. Places where you are able to use voice over ability include on-hold advertisements, training videos, eLearning classes, flash introductions, voice mail greetings, PowerPoint displays and web site audio messages. Therefore, have a look at your press and in the event that you wish to put some zip to your shows then find a voice over talent. Listed here are important steps that you should take to obtain the right style for the work. 1. Learn extra resources on this affiliated portfolio by going to www.voiceoverherald.com Search for a Voice Over Expert Online You’re searching for that perfect voice.  Where can you think it is? If you’re a big business or an advertising agency then you will probably turn into a big talent agency to provide voice-over talent for the project. Alternatively, organizations and large agencies use www.thevoicerealm.com.au This site feeds an outline of your need to most of the major businesses. However, if you are a small business you’ll perhaps not have the ability to afford the marriage charges that are added on to the cost of hiring actors and voice talent via an organization. Your very best alternative would be to search on the internet to get a voice over expert. Professional male voice actors will be the two main throwing places for voice over. What’s promising about these sites is that there are a large number of voices in a single place. The bad news is that there are tens of thousands of voices in-one place! The issue is obviously to find the voice that is best for you. The voice-over portals have a tool so that you can find people who have ISDN or home MP3 companies, who can do children voices or senior citizen voices, etc. But, because these sites are so large, everyone who has ever wished to do voice over, whether they’ve ability, could join and clog your mailbox using their bad auditions. You are able to widen the options by looking on Google or Yahoo. This search will bring up top-quality voice-over actors internet sites. Usually the successful voice over artists don’t make use of the voice over websites mentioned previously, but just count on word-of-mouth and the traffic that comes to their well-ranked those sites. I have been doing voice-over for two decades in La, and I count on the major search engines to bring me serious clients. Therefore, see the websites and email those whom you had want to audition on your job. 2. After you have found several voices, you must select the right one. They need a way to discover what they are seeking, when business folks move in to the world of art and business. Must be voice sounds clean or actually serious, doesn’t mean it will be right for your project. Who’s your industry? What do THEY appear to be? That’s a great starting-point. Locate a voice that sounds like your industry. Once you do that, another issue is, do they sound like they know very well what they are saying when they read your copy? Are they genuine? Are they natural? Did they follow your guidelines? If you explained in your audition request “need you to be casual” and their recording has them loud and strong, then you should avoid them. 3. Determine if the quality of these home recording is up to professional standards. An excellent voice documented defectively helps no-one. Once you have solved these exact things, the best choice will be evident. Finally, the final step is always to negotiate a price. Certain, some voice-over ability will continue to work for $50. Then their audition was luck, maybe not talent, If you find a good voice over talent who will work for that. Any voice over skill worth their salt usually works for fees that hover just beneath the union minimums. Your savings comes from perhaps not having to pay residuals, agency commissions and adding to the health-care and pension. You’ll find union minimums at www.sag.org. And last, but not least, be good to the expertise. They work alone in dark booths all day long.

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It’s Almost Here

How is VO Atlanta 2014 different to other industry gatherings?

VO Atlanta was built from the ground up with the attendees in mind.  We arrange for all of our presenters to make themselves fully available for the duration of the conference.  This is unique because our presenters spend time talking and connecting with attendees both during, and after, their designated presentations. Because of this structure, the need to rush through the conference doesn’t exist.  I’ve found that the presenters actually prefer this format since it provides them an opportunity to connect with new and existing talent.

We are also the largest voiceover conference in the Southeast United States.  Our 2013 conference attracted talent and resources from 27 different states. In 2014 we’re expecting to far exceed our 2013 numbers.  As of January 1st, 2014, we have already reached 50% of our registration numbers for our 2013 conference.

The VO Atlanta 2014 Voiceover Conference also offers multiple opportunities for attendees to win significant prize packages.  There is the VO Atlanta Voiceover Contest with a prize package valued at over $3,000 dollars.  In addition, there is an audiobook contest for an ACX contract valued at over $1,000 dollars.

We also recognize the need to give and help others.  To that, we have provided two scholarships to the conference which include full registration and 3-nights hotel accommodations at the Hilton Atlanta Airport.

We’re very proud of where we are at this time and excited about our future in the industry.

Tell us more about the YOUTH component.

This is a big deal for the VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference.  We recognized the need to provide young people with access to the very best opportunities available. We were also asked during the lead-up to the 2013 conference about activities for young people.  At that time we didn’t have anything scheduled and did not have enough time to add it to the plans for 2014.

After that, we looked around and did not see any other conference offering something special for young people.  We decided to change that by being the first to launch a fully functional youth program as part of the VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference.  To accomplish this, we started by making a conscious decision to not make the youth portion just something we tossed in in order to say we did it.  We actually went out and solicited some of the best youth coaches we could find in the industry.

Having done our homework, we are proud to offer to young people between the ages of 12-16 and opportunity to receive training by some of the best in the business.  They will have multiple coaches providing training to them during the conference in addition to a few special surprises we have in store for them.

For those new to the industry and still learning, what sort of things can they expect to take away from the event?

This is another area where the format of VO Atlanta excels.  Because we stress the importance of our presenters being available for the entire event, we are able to fully welcome members at all levels.  It’s important that people at all levels of the industry have the opportunity to learn and grow.  The VO Atlanta Voiceover Conference gets it.

For those just starting out, we have sessions that are more general and will speak to them.  We also include specialty sessions that are called “X=Sessions” which are designed to be fully functional workshops for those who want to take advantage of the opportunity to train and learn in a very small group settings.  Those sessions are especially popular with more seasoned talent. It’s easy to find voice over auditions.

Every attendee at the VO Atlanta 2014 conference can expect to leave having had the opportunity to be a part of our Four-P system. We help talent improve their PERFORMANCE, increase their understanding of the PROFESSION, connect and build relationships with PEOPLE, and give them a much better understanding of the PRODUCTS and technology involved with being successful in today’s market.

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Available and ready. Are you really?

The voice over industry is certainly an exciting one for people who enjoy the idea of working behind the scenes on movies, documentaries and other types of presentations. This type of work gives people the opportunity to add their touch to a scene without actually being seen themselves. There are several tips you will be able to find for being successful and effective at voice over work, however one of the most important things you need to learn is how to do a good voice over recording so your sound comes off impeccably to the listener.

Here are some useful tips you can use when doing voice over recordings with the aim of getting the voice over jobs you are looking for:

    • Pay attention to the positioning of your mouth in relation to the microphone you are using to do the recording. Try to keep your mouth about 3 to 6 inches away from the microphone, because if you are too close then the microphone could start to pick up unwanted sounds from your voice.


    • Always try to maintain a constant distance between your mouth and the microphone whenever you are recording. The more frequently you change distance, the more irregular and inconsistent your voice over recording will sound.


    • Try to find the quietest environment possible to do your voice over recording. Environments with loud background noises can terribly affect the quality of your recording, so to get the best results, try to find a quiet space. Usually, closets or bathrooms are great for this type of recording because they are usually locked away from the busier areas of the house. It would also help if you have carpeted floors and padded walls in your recording area to improve the overall sound.


    • Before doing a voice over recording for submission to a hiring entity, try not to consume dairy products before the recording takes place. Dairy creates thick mucus at the back of the throat that leaves you with the urge to clear your throat and you definitely do not want this to happen during recording.


  • Where possible, try to keep the pace and level of your voice very constant during the voiceover recording. Although there may be times when you need to elevate or tone down, it would be a good idea if you keep your pace at the same level. Remember this is not the actual voice over – you are doing a recording with the aim of getting the job.

The quality professional voice over recording that you are able to produce will be the factor that determines whether or not you get the job. Directors pay very keen attention to auditions sent in on CD, so you need to ensure you have the best quality sound possible. With quality recording issues out the way, directors can focus on listening to the actual talent you have and determine if you are the right person for the job.

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Finding A Construction isn’t so difficult

The building industry has become cut-throat, so it is no surprise in which building companies need to be at the top in their activity on a challenge. Usually, ab muscles addition of the challenge is the almost all uphill, this can be in the course of highest taker. You will discover several blunders to avoid with this procedure to ensure your current group is usually on the right track.

Looking over Oblique Prices

Using a voice recording service online to assist, pinpointing direct costs with a career may perhaps be effortless. Negelecting oblique costs results in difficulties however, those are classified as the costs not directly related to your challenge, but still oftimes be incurred.

For instance, a bit of apparatus and its fuel is usually believed within the direct costs sum, nevertheless you can’t consider the insurance, servicing, along with costs regarding this particular piece of equipment. Most of these expenses must all become taken into account as well as a part of your current wager to get precise.

Absent your Success Indicate

There’s a constant lack involving building jobs, so it is tempting in order to wager at anyone in which arrives, regardless of whether you will make money. Because of this it is important to analyze revenue border, as well as be sure you will not undercut your own productivity when preparing your numbers. Work with previous career performance to be a predictor, as well as be sure you utilize most current labour premiums as well as cost involving supplies. If you hire a female voice over talent your numbers will not add up to a revenue to suit your needs, next it’s not necessarily more than worth it to battle your project- merely emerge.

Definitely not Checking up on Technological innovation as well as Software

Technological innovation can provide cut-throat border as soon as utilized effectively. Certainly one of this- estimates start out with estimate, so how will you strengthen your current quotes? A better solution: modernizing your current technologies.

With all the appropriate software a really BIM (building info modeling), estimators could see each and every area of the operate inside significantly more details as compared to ahead of. A great estimator can individual each and every element of building from your total framework in order to recession your numbers independently.

Disregard the Others

Will not undervalue your competitors. As soon as taking care of a wager, you’re creating a wager based on your current company’s capabilities. The fact that your competitors it could possibly change how you wager (and probably your own preference in order to bid), often more or less. This will likely cause you to wager fairly, nevertheless you need to know your current really worth as well as constantly wager based on your current functionality. May be the career more than worth it in case your undercutting by yourself?

What’s your current encounter with regards to highest taker?

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